Monday, August 07, 2006


Sorry to be blunt about this - are blogs not overrated? It seems everyone has one, so who the hell is reading all of these?

Personally, I enjoy reading the housing bubble blogs, and occaisonally posting on them. No big deal. Someday I'll own a house again.

Posting my picture here for my profile...


Steve from the ATL said...

Great job with this - keep it up, it'll only get better.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I have a friend who parents bought a house in San Franciso, for 170K in the 80's. It's now worth 900K. Just do it! If you don't like it in a few years, sell it! Florida will be the same, as long as hurricanes don't kill us. It's all a crap shoot, invest wisely. you may win or you may lose but ultimately you will at least break even. I've been drinking so don't take to heart too much.
regards, ale is anjanette lenore essen
I've never blogged before...i'm out on a retreat so I can have the computer w/o the soon to be 3 year old takin' up space.

GunMuse said...
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GunMuse said...

The more you write the more that will read you.

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Anonymous said...

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