Monday, August 07, 2006

Tampa, we Have a Problem

Here in Tampa, the Hillsborough County School District (one of the largest in the country by population) has experienced phenomenal growth over the past several decades, similar to many other cities in the sunbelt.

Until now.

It seems the forecasters were a "bit" off for the 2006 school year, which started last Thursday (yep, that's right, August freakin' 3rd* - how WACK is that?). In fact, this is the first time in recent memory that opening day enrollment was DOWN from the prior year. Over 25% down from the forecast.

My question: does the overpriced real estate market have any correlation with this problem? Will it have consequences for the future?

Hillsborough County Schools - Opening Day Shortage

* Our fine legislators in Tallahassee, in a rare moment of lucidity passed a law that actually made sense: Starting next year (2007), schools in Florida will start no earlier than the week before Labor Day.


Suze - Jacksonville said...

Tampa, you do have a problem. Lowering revenues = cuts, cuts, cuts.

SteveO said...

How could they be off by THAT HIGH of a percentage? Maybe the National Association of Realtors gave them the #s? :^)

suze - jacksonville said...

steveO, probably used the old tabluating machines from the 2000 election.

FL - Paradise Lost said...

Yes, cuts are inevitable. Going to be very hard for a district that's seen its "paycheck" grow like a Barry Bond's steroidal-induced cranium for the past several years.

Anonymous said...

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